Sativa vs Indica Cannabis: What’s the difference?

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It’s very likely that if you’ve ever tried cannabis before or done some research and cannabis that you know that there are several different types of strains. Most of the cannabis strains that you will find are put into two main categories. Cannabis sativa and Indica are common names for the two main types of streams that are produced and there are various similarities and distinctions that can be made between these types of cannabis. In this article, were going to go through some of the main differences between these main types of strains and what you can expect from these strains and the experience you can have.

The basic distinction:

There are too many different crossbreeds to name between sativa and Indica. We often call these various properties a hybrid. You need to use these characteristics as a massive guideline rather than a divide between the two.

Both of these strains are cannabis but you can often see distinctions between the way that the plan is developed in the sea and the potency of the chemical components in each type of plant. The physical distinctions between the two plants can be seen quite easily. Indica plants often have a shorter shape with a much broader leaf and the Sativa plant is better known as having a taller and more spindly branch with a narrower leaf. Sativa varieties are usually best known for having a lower CBD content and a higher THC content. This is usually a more broad description as many hybrids can change this chemical composition.

Depending on the type of affect that you are trying to get out of the cannabis product each strain may present you with some benefits. Indica is often considered to be a better relaxing strain and it produces an effect that is much more heavy as a sedative rather than an energizing result. Sativa strains are higher in THC content and they can produce an affected can be more energizing and better as a calming effect for the body and for the mind. Sativa is best suited for more daytime use and it’s extremely popular for people that suffer from anxiety and depression. Sativa dominant strains are often best considered for people dosing through the day.

Choosing the strain that is best for you will come down to your own personal experience as well as the types of effects that you are trying to get out of your cannabis use. There’s an endless range of hybrids between the two for you to experiment with. You’ll likely have to find streams that work as a perfect hybrid for your symptoms and for providing you with the best in dosing. The best case for you might not always be what is reviewed well or what is recommended on a dispensary website, you will ultimately have to find the effect that’s going to suit your needs in the best way and the product that’s going to offer you the best sensation from ongoing use.

Get out there and experience the differences and be sure to try various hybrids between these two main strains so that you can discover the types of cannabis species that will work best for you and offer you the best results.

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